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The Series is Complete!

The Final Game Begins.

The epic series finale is finally live!

I have poured my heart and soul in the last book of this series, and I hope it is everything you dreamed it would be.

The regular paperback is available on Amazon now! They finally approved it in the wee hours of the morning. Hardcover distribution was enabled. These can take a few extra days to start showing up. Unfortunately, paperbacks to match the original covers are still pending approval. Know this is all Amazon, but if it is not approved soon, I do have a back-up plan. Signed copies are also still available for preorder in the Treasure Shop.

Whether you choose to read via Kindle Unlimited, Kindle E-book, physical copy, or audiobook, THANK YOU! I hope when have finished that you will consider leaving a review to help other readers decide if the series is right for them.

Happy Reading, Friend!

XO- Melissa

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