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Welcome to Devram-
the World The Gods forgot


Book One in a Brand New Series!

Finishing up the Lady of Darkness series was so bittersweet, but we're far from done, Friend.

I am so excited to welcome you to Devram, where the Legacy rule.

Until they don't.

While the Legacy Series is related to the Darkness series, you do not HAVE to read the Darkness series to understand Legacy. You'll find familiar gods and bloodlines, similar magic systems, and maybe a familiar face or two, but this is a whole new world with all new characters. So settle in and prepare to meet Tessa and Theon as they discover maybe their world isn't as forgotten as they thought.

XO- Melissa



Rain of Shadows and Endings

A world the gods forgot.


Of all the worlds and life they created, the gods favored their children the most. But with that favor came the fear that their Legacy would one day become too powerful and overthrow them. Devram was created. A realm hidden amongst the stars. The gods gave their Legacy the best of all the worlds, and then they left, a sworn agreement to never return and to never interfere.


A historical event.


Forced to a life of servitude, the Fae are required to provide for the Legacy in more ways than one. Every five years, the eligible Fae are gathered for the Selection and assigned to serve in one of the six Kingdoms. To be chosen as the personal Source for a Kingdom Heir is the greatest honor, and for the first time in a millennia, all six Kingdoms have heirs choosing a Source. But their selections could tip the power balance a little too far.


A chosen that was never meant to be.


Tessalyn Asura was as forgotten as the realm. But when she finds herself the personal Source to the Heir of Endings, she winds up serving in the darkest Kingdom of them all . The secrets within the Arius Kingdom are meant to be learned and kept, but this was never the life she wanted. Fighting not only the fate thrust upon her, but the temptation to lose herself to desire, Tessa will do anything to escape her new destiny. Until she starts to realize maybe their world wasn’t as forgotten as they thought, and maybe she’s the reason why.



Rain of Shadows and Endings is book one in The Legacy Series and ends on a cliffhanger. This is new adult dark fantasy romance series and includes elements that may be triggering to some readers.

The Series is Complete!

The Final Game Begins.

The epic series finale is finally live!

I have poured my heart and soul in the last book of this series, and I hope it is everything you dreamed it would be.

The regular paperback is available on Amazon now! They finally approved it in the wee hours of the morning. Hardcover distribution was enabled. These can take a few extra days to start showing up. Unfortunately, paperbacks to match the original covers are still pending approval. Know this is all Amazon, but if it is not approved soon, I do have a back-up plan. Signed copies are also still available for preorder in the Treasure Shop.

Whether you choose to read via Kindle Unlimited, Kindle E-book, physical copy, or audiobook, THANK YOU! I hope when have finished that you will consider leaving a review to help other readers decide if the series is right for them.

Happy Reading, Friend!

XO- Melissa

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