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Dark Clouds
Dark Clouds

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Music is powerful. When I write I have music blasting in my earbuds, and many asked for a playlist. I adore when books come with playlists that follow along with the story. You feel everything more. It immerses you more. It brings everything to life. If find this to be true for you too, here you go!  Enjoy!


Prologue: Coming Undone by Korn

Chapter 1: Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine

Chapter 2: Bad Dream by Ruelle

Chapter 3: Weight of the World by Hurts

Chapter 4: The Other Side by Ruelle

Chapter 5: Power Over Me by Dermot Kennedy

Chapter 6: Waves by Dean Lewis

Chapter 7: Way Down We Go by KAELO

Chapter 8: Empires by Ruelle

Chapter 9: Scars by Boy Epic

Chapter 10: Until We Go Down by Ruelle

Chapter 11: The One to Survive by Hidden Citizens, Josh Bruce Williams

Chapter 12: Love is Just a Word by Jasmine Thompson, Calum Scott

Chapter 13: The Curse by Agnes Obel

Chapter 14: I'm Here by Sweet Talk Radio

Chapter 15: Make Me Feel by Elvis Drew

Chapter 16: Dancing with Your Ghost by Sasha Alex Sloan

Chapter 17: Glass Heart by Tommee Profitt

Chapter 18: Weight of Everything by ill Factor, Katie Garfield

Chapter 19: Whose Side Are You On? by Tommee Profitt, Ruelle

Chapter 20: Black Sea by Natasha Blume

Chapter 21: Sun and Stars by Really Slow Motion

Chapter 22: And So It Begins by Klergy

Chapter 23: Grow As We Go by Ben Platt

Chapter 24: Nothing Is As It Seems by Hidden Citizens, Ruelle

Chapter 25: Demons by Jacob Lee

Chapter 26: Keep Your Head Up Princess by Anson Seabra

Chapter 27: Requiem for a Dream by Scott Benson Band

Chapter 28: Lost Without You by Kygo, Dean Lewis

Chapter 29: The Best is Yet to Come by Ray Dalton

Chapter 30: Exile by Taylor Swift, Bon Iver

Chapter 31: World on Fire by Klergy

Chapter 32: Play Dirty by Kevin McAllister, [SEBELL]

Chapter 33: Built for Pain by Esterly, Austin Jenckes

Chapter 34: Take It All by Ruelle

Chapter 35: Heroes Fall by Hidden Citizens, ESSA

Chapter 36: Venom by Eminem

Chapter 37: Live Like Legends by Ruelle

Chapter 38: Rival by Ruelle

Chapter 39: You Set My World on Fire by Love Caliber, Selestine

Chapter 40: Lost My Mind by Alice Kristiansen

Chapter 41: Wolves by Sam Tinnesz, Silverberg

Chapter 42: Reaper by Glaceo RIELL

Chapter 43: Hell's Comin' With Me by Poor Man's Poison

Chapter 44: Don't Save Me by Chxrlotte

Chapter 45: Broken by Jonah Kagen

Chapter 46: Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars

Chapter 47: Warfare by Katie Garfield

Chapter 48: Never Surrender by Liv Ash

Epilogue: Will You Follow Me into the Dark? by Klergy, Mindy Jones

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