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Black Sky


This interview took place prior to Lady of Starfire. It will contain spoilers up to that point.

Q: I guess you're more intimidating than Rayner. They were too nervous to ask you questions. 

A: Obviously. My bite is worse.

Scarlett: He can rip out organs.

Nuri, fangs snapping out: I can rip out throats.

Q: Fair point. What was your favorite mission as a Wraith?

A: The one with the twins.

Q: Killing, not bedding.

A: The time we accidentally found ourselves in the Earth Court.

Cassius: What? When was this?

Azrael, glaring at her trying to figure out if she's lying or not, while Scarlett and Juliette avoid eye contact with everyone else.

Nuri: I said it was an accident. Our target briefly crossed into the territory. We went after him. Besides, we all made it out alive. I mean, except that target. Obviously.

Q: Are you envious of Scarlett?

A: No. Do I wish the males in her life wouldn't coddle her so damn much? Yes.

Q: What is your biggest regret?

A: That we did not figure out it was all Alaric sooner. So many children over the years... We should have seen it sooner. Maybe everything would have been different.

Q: If you’re alive after all of this is over, do you have any plans or goals you’d like to accomplish?

A: I am blood bound to Alaric. He decides my goals. Any plans I may have once had are no longer relevant so this it not worth discussing. I will either be carrying out his orders if he wins or dead beside him if he loses. He will not have it any other way.

Q: Do you have any hobbies besides warning people their life is about to end?

A, with a smirk: Gardening. 

Azrael, muttering: Insufferable. 

Q: Speaking of-- Fuck, Marry, Kill: Azrael, Callan, Eliza.

A: Plant Prince, the mortal king, Eliza. Only because a fight to the death with the fire general would be exhilarating.

Azrael: That is the part of that statement you find needs explaining?

Nuri: The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Stop interrupting. It's rude.

Azrael, gritting his teeth: Were you really in the Earth Court before all of this happened?

Nuri, pulling up her hood: I have to go. Duty calls and all that.

Azrael turns to ask Scarlett and Juliette, but they're gone. Turning back, Nuri is gone too.

Azrael: They are the most infuriating females I have every encountered.

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